Prevent Plastic Bag Bans in SC!

Petition to prevent plastic bag bans and taxes in South Carolina: 

"We all agree that litter, waste and marine debris are serious issues for South Carolina — and especially its coastal communities. But laws that ban or tax grocery bags will only disappoint in the end. 

Bag bans and taxes have never been successful at meaningfully reducing litter, waste or marine debris. What they have done is usher in the creep of California-style over-regulation and nanny state policies that result in hidden taxes and higher grocery costs. The environment doesn’t benefit, nor do local citizens, small businesses and working families.

Results matter. Before choosing to restrict consumer choice and raise fees and costs on residents, we need actual proof that bans and taxes work – but that proof is nowhere to be found.

In the rush to “do something” and appease activist environmental organizations, it’s quite possible that lawmakers throughout South Carolina might get it wrong and pass feel-good bag ban and tax policies that don’t help anyone, much less the environment. We need to demand more. We need policies that work.

I urge my local leaders to study all the facts and say no to bag bans and taxes in South Carolina."

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