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With lawmakers across the country debating bans and taxes on plastic grocery bags, it's time for you to get involved. Send a letter to your lawmaker if your area is listed below or sign our petition to join the fight against taxes and bans on the plastic bags you use every day.

New York

Councilman Brad Lander is working behind the scenes to propose a tax on plastic bags in New York City. Write your City Councilmember now to tell them you stand against this regressive and harmful policy!


The Minneapolis City Council is pushing for a policy that will not only be ineffective but will actually hurt working class citizens and local businesses. Write your legislator to help the thousands who will be affected by this misguided policy.


Connecticut State Senator Kennedy is attempting ANOTHER misguided ban and tax on plastic retail bags. Take action today to protect working class families from this ridiculous policy!


The Maryland legislature is considering a ban of plastic bags and a 10 cent tax on paper bags! Tell your lawmakers that we cannot afford another tax.

Sign Our Petition

Want to speak out against bans and taxes on your grocery bags? Sign our petition to take a stand against legislation in your community.


The California Assembly is considering a repeal of the misguided and harmful SB 270. Share with lawmakers why Californians should have a choice at the checkout when it comes to grocery bags.

Dallas, TX

Share how you feel about this poorly implemented, broken and unjust tax burdening Dallas residents. 

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