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With lawmakers across the country debating bans and taxes on plastic grocery bags, it's time for you to get involved. Send a letter to your lawmaker if your area is listed below, or sign our petition and join the fight against taxes and bans on the plastic bags you use every day.

Boston, MA

Boston already has one of the highest tax rates – we don’t need ANOTHER tax increase. A 5-cent tax on grocery bags will make every trip to the store more expensive, hurting working families and local businesses alike.

Cuyahoga County, OH

Cuyahoga County wants to place a 10-cent tax on every plastic and paper grocery bag shoppers use at the store. This regressive tax will make every trip to the grocery store more expensive for working families and fixed-income seniors and it won’t help the environment.

Beaufort County, SC

Bag bans and taxes have never been successful at meaningfully reducing litter, waste or marine debris and we can expect a similar outcome in Beaufort or anywhere else in South Carolina. Join us to help stop bag bans and taxes in Beaufort County before it's too late.


The Minneapolis City Council is considering an illegal tax that will hurt the city’s most vulnerable citizens by taking their hard-earned money to line the pockets of private corporations. Help us stop the culture of corporate welfare from spreading throughout Minnesota. Sign the petition today.

South Carolina

We all agree that litter, waste and marine debris are serious issues for South Carolina— and especially its coastal communities. But laws that ban or tax grocery bags will only disappoint in the end.

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Want to speak out against bans and taxes on your grocery bags? Sign our petition to take a stand against legislation in your community.

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