Learn the Facts

Plastic retail bags – the kind you get from your grocer or at the corner store — are being targeted for bans and taxes in communities around the country, regardless of the unintended consequences. Bans and taxes have a negative impact on working families and seniors on fixed incomes, but they don’t help the environment in any meaningful way—in fact they can cause bigger problems.

Banning and taxing recyclable, reusable products doesn’t make sense, even in the most well-intentioned scenarios. Keep reading to find out why.

Plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout. Find out the surprising green truth for yourself.

Plastic bag recycling is simple and effective, thanks to thousands of recycling drop-off locations across the country.

Jobs and Economy
Bag bans and taxes make trips to the grocery store more expensive, especially for low- and fixed-income families – with no meaningful impact on the environment to back them up. They also threaten thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Be mindful with your reusable canvas and non-woven bags. Without frequent washing and appropriate storage, reusable bags can harbor dangerous bacteria.

Nearly 90% of Americans reuse plastic bags. What do you do with yours?