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Soapbox: Discouraging plastic bag use isn’t ‘green’ or healthy

The Coloradoan – Will Fort Collins be the next “blind sheep city” that jumps off the “plastic bag cliff,” just as so many other cities have been doing? The Fort Collins City Council is considering an ordinance requiring an additional charge to be passed on to the consumer for each bag used. More »

Where will government intrusion end?

The Union – Well, here we go again. First, we give up paper sacks because too many trees were being removed to make paper (paper mills closed and people were out of work). Plastic became the new, better and acclaimed material for everything, including grocery bags. More »

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Do you know the truth?

Despite the facts, plastic bags have gotten a bad rap. Here's the truth about your plastic bags and why they are the right choice for the environment, your wallet and your community.