Say no to bans and taxes on your grocery bags

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The Environment

Did you know plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout?

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The real solution to reducing waste and litter in our environment.

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Jobs and Economy

Thousands of hardworking Americans depend on the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry to make a living.

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E. coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria have been found in unsanitary reusable bags.

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Nearly 78% of people reuse their plastic bags.

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City of Las Cruces should reject bag ban

The City Council of Las Cruces is considering a ban on plastic bags. An opinion columnist in the Los Cruces Sun-News stated that while restaurants may or may not be exempted from the statute, banning plastic bags is not a viable solution to our solid waste challenges.

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Colorado’s proposed ban on plastic bags and foam containers could actually do more harm to the environment than good

Colorado legislators are considering a bill that would ban plastic bags and foam containers statewide. However, a recent opinion columnist in the Denver Post called this legislation “misguided” and argued that it would do more harm than good.

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Bag the Ban was developed in response to proposed laws that would ban or tax plastic grocery and retail bags. The plastic bag industry is deeply committed to the environment and, as such, does not agree with banning or taxing bags because these policies create negative consequences for the environment and economy. Bag the Ban is a project of the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA).

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