Say no to bans and taxes on your grocery bags

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The Environment

Did you know plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout?

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The real solution to reducing waste and litter in our environment.

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Jobs and Economy

More than 30,000 hardworking Americans depend on the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry to make a living.

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E. coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria have been found in unsanitary reusable bags.

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More than 90 percent of Americans reuse their plastic bags.

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NYC Myth vs. Facts

Learn the truth about New York City’s grocery bags.

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How Much Do You Know About Plastic Bags?

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New Studies Show Plastic Bags are Best Option for the Environment

Are you using cotton grocery bags because you believe they’re better for the environment? Convinced that plastic bags are ruining the planet? Well, scientists have some interesting news – recent studies from two countries prove that plastic bags are the best option for the environment, while cotton bags are actually having a negative impact on our planet and human health.

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In Your State

Find Legislation Affecting Your Area

Look out! Harmful legislation may be gaining momentum in your backyard. Stay up-to-date with actions affecting your state and community with our interactive map.

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Bag the Ban was formed in response to misguided legislative proposals seeking to ban or tax American-made plastic retail bags. We believe in a better solution that encourages plastics recycling, without banning products, threatening jobs or taxing hardworking families. Bag the Ban is a project of NOVOLEX, North America’s leader in packaging choice and sustainability.

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