Bag Ban is Unscientific and Unsustainable

It’s no surprise that, compared to the alternatives, plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout — and a recent piece in The News Tribune only confirms the truth. In Bag Ban Is Unscientific and Unsustainable Todd Myers, environmental director of the Washington Policy Center, shares concrete statistics and quotes from experts that clearly show how banning plastic bags does more harm than good for the environment.

Yet despite the evidence, politicians continue to push for these misguided policies, with the laudable goal of improving the environment. However, these policies actually promote alternatives that are worse for the environment — for example, cotton bags, which cause considerable damage to the water supply of ban areas and have a bigger impact on global warming.1

Simply put, plastic bag bans make no sense for true sustainability efforts. “Plastic bags are better than alternatives at reducing resource use — requiring less energy and causing less water pollution — and are reused at high rates,” says Myers.

To read Myers’ full article in The News Tribune, click here.


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