Bill Spadea: “Plastic is progress – we need more bags in NJ”

March 3, 2020

Another legislative session, another attempt by Trenton to make your life more complicated. This time it’s the expected ban on so-called “single use” plastic bags.

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Clemson Professor Says Delay Bag Ban For Coronavirus Concerns

February 28, 2020

New York elected officials are turning a deaf ear to the growing chorus of scientists saying the ban of plastic bags set to go into effect in two days – on March 1 – carries a real risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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Some retailers worry NY’s plastic bag ban will create ‘inconvenience’ stores

February 26, 2020

Some convenience store owners in New York State are worried about the new plastic bag ban going into effect this weekend. Their concerns are over the possible cost increase and limited availability of paper bags as stores make the switch.

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The dumb plastic bag ban is even dumber than we thought

February 22, 2020

New York state can’t seem to get out of its own way when it comes to banning the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and other shops.

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Could the coronavirus in China cause a shortage of reusable bags? Expert says it’s possible

February 21, 2020

Experts have previously warned about a paper bag shortage that will be exasperated nationally once New York’s ban on single-use plastic bags takes effect on March 1. There are now concerns about a possible shortage of reusable bags as the result of a halt on exports out of China amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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Plastic Bags Help the Environment

February 18, 2020

“Yet single-use plastic bags aren’t the worst environmental choice at the supermarket—they’re the best. High-density polyethylene bags are a marvel of economic, engineering and environmental efficiency.”

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Amend plastic bag ban before it’s too late

February 18, 2020

New York’s plastic bag ban is broken, but it isn’t too late to fix it.

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Plastic Bag Ban Success Hard to Gauge—For Billions of Reasons

February 14, 2020

Could plastic bag bans be based on inaccurate data? Bloomberg Environment investigates.

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You might want to wash your reusable bags

February 13, 2020

CNY Central swabbed reusable bags and found dangerous bacteria lurking inside.

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New York plastic-bag ban: Chaos to come

February 10, 2020

New York consumers and businesses alike are completely unprepared for the plastic bag ban about to be launched across the state, which will result in widespread confusion and chaos for weeks — if not many months — to come.

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