Beyond the bag controversy: Recycle, re-use, rethink

February 16, 2011Oregonian

The current controversy over paper vs. plastic bags at the checkout stand offers a curious set of comparisons, and it puts a company such as ours in the middle of the sustainability debate.

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Greene Says No To Plastic Bag Tax

February 9, 2011New Haven Independent

During an Environment Committee public hearing Wednesday Representative Len Greene (R-105) said he opposes adding another new tax on hard-working residents only trying to bring food home to their families.

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Reusable grocery bags can be dangerous

February 8, 2011Baltimore Sun

While Maryland state lawmakers consider instituting a five-cent fee on plastic bags, you should consider this: Those polypropylene bags that will replace them are likely to bring dangerous bacteria like E. coli in contact with your food.

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Bag the bag fee bill, says retailers group

February 3, 2011The Gazette

A proposal to charge consumers for plastic bags at grocery stores will hurt retailers, says Patrick Donoho, president of the Maryland Retailers Association. On Thursday, there will be a panel discussion on the proposal coordinated by the environmental group Trash Free Maryland Alliance in the House Office Building.

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Studies find lead in reusable shopping bags

January 24, 2011San Francisco Chronicle

First the choice was paper or plastic. Then paper or reusable. Now, it seems, the answer to the great grocery bag question is none of the above. Two separate studies have found elevated lead levels in reusable bags sold at major grocery and drugstore chains, further muddying the debate over the environmental, economic and public health impacts of the totes used by millions.

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Lead found in reusable bags

January 22, 2011USA Today

Twenty-one reusable bags sold as alternatives to disposable bags had dangerous levels of lead, according to new test results to be released today.

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