Voters will consider a new use for bag fees on November ballot

On November 8th, Californian voters will have the chance to make their voices heard on environmental causes in the state. 

Recently, a new initiative in California officially qualified for the November ballot that will give voters the opportunity, should the statewide bag ban pass, to redirect the 10-cent fee on paper and thicker plastic, reusable bags to environmental efforts. These funds will help with drought mitigation, recycling, clean drinking water supplies, parks, beach cleanup, litter removal and wildlife habitat restoration.

“This measure gives voters the opportunity to make sure that any state-mandated fee will go to environmental causes, which is what voters thought they were getting in the first place with SB 270,” said Lee Califf, Executive Director of the American Progressive Bag Alliance.

Californians now have the chance to fund worthy environmental projects across the state.

For more information on the new initiative in California, click here to read the latest from the Los Angeles Times.