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Plastic shopping bags — the kind you get from your grocer or at the corner store — might soon vanish from stores in your community. Misguided bans and taxes on plastic bags could weigh down the economy, increase costs for consumers and small business, and leave a larger carbon footprint on the environment than alternatives. Plus, plastic bags are 100 percent recyclable and reused by 90 percent of consumers.

It's time for a common-sense plastic bag policy that's good for the economy, the environment, and working families. Keep reading to find out why bag bans and taxes are a bad idea for America.

Plastic bags are a more environmentally-friendly option at the checkout than alternatives like paper and so-called “reusable” bags.

The rate of plastic bag recycling increases each year with help from America’s plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry and thousands of recycling drop-off locations across the country.

Jobs and Economy
Bag bans and taxes threaten American jobs, force families to spend more at the checkout, and cause local business to lose customers and money.

“Reusable” bags that haven’t been washed can harbor food-borne bacteria that may be harmful to your family’s health.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans reuse plastic bags. Are you one of them? Learn some tips —and share your own — on how to reuse plastic bags today.

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