Plastic Bags are 100 percent Reusable

Plastic bags can be reused again and again.

Plastic bags aren't just 100 percent recyclable — they're 100 percent reusable too! More than 90 percent of Americans reuse their plastic bags at least once, for everything from storage to waste disposal and packing material.1 If you're interested in some new ways to use your plastic bags, check out our list below.


Here’s how a few people across the country reuse their plastic and paper bags:

  • My dog uses them. No early morning walk is complete without a plastic bag or two, rolled up in my back pocket. – Greg S. from California

  • Reusing plastic grocery bags has been critical with our three active little boys. They are perfect during the summer months to transport bathing suits, goggles, toys, and towels to the local swimming pool, beach or a friend’s house. – Don W. from California

  • My daughter uses them to germinate plants. They keep moisture in and bugs out while plants grow. – Michael G. from California

  • Our church used to take discarded plastic bags and crochet them into mats that were then given to shelters for people to use as floor coverings, pads under bedding, and cushions for seating. – Janell W. from Texas

  • I ride a Harley and if I have to ride in the rain, I slip a plastic bag over each foot before putting my boots on. I always have four or more in a saddle bag… Working heavy construction in inclement weather and not wanting to wear clumsy rubber boots, I learned of this trick with used plastic grocery bags. – Duane M. from Wyoming

  • I am an adjunct college professor who teaches on multiple campuses. My desk is the trunk of my car. Wonderful, light plastic bags help me organize class materials, which includes papers, files, books, white board markers, stapler, tape, and white out. – Linda G. from California

  • Gail K. from Texas uses her bags to create tote bags and mats!


1. APCO Insight, “National Plastic Shopping Bag Recycling Signage Testing,” March 2007. 

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