Bags and Crafts: Summer Edition!

2016-07-27 – We love to get creative, especially when it comes to reusing our plastic bags! From packing lunch for the next day to cleaning up after a pet, plastic bags are easily reused and recycled every day. More »

Bag Ban is Unscientific and Unsustainable

2016-07-27 – It’s no surprise that, compared to the alternatives, plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout — and a recent piece in The News Tribune only confirms the truth. More »

Chicago’s misguided plastic bag ban

2016-02-25 – Another day, another failed plastic bag ban. This time...Chicago! More »

Nanny State of the Week: Chicago aims to toughen ineffective plastic bag ban

2016-02-02 – After six months of the failed Chicago plastic bag ban, did activists finally admit bag bans do not work? Or call for tighter restrictions... More »

New Ad Released to Inform Maryland of Negative Consequences Of Latest Bag Ban and Tax Proposal

2016-02-01 – The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) today launched a new radio advertisement to inform Marylanders of the negative consequences of the latest state bill to ban and tax grocery bags. More »