Soapbox: Discouraging plastic bag use isn’t ‘green’ or healthy

2014-04-04The Coloradoan – Will Fort Collins be the next “blind sheep city” that jumps off the “plastic bag cliff,” just as so many other cities have been doing? The Fort Collins City Council is considering an ordinance requiring an additional charge to be passed on to the consumer for each bag used. More »

Where will government intrusion end?

2014-03-21The Union – Well, here we go again. First, we give up paper sacks because too many trees were being removed to make paper (paper mills closed and people were out of work). Plastic became the new, better and acclaimed material for everything, including grocery bags. More »

Plastic bag ban not the answer

2014-03-13The Valley Breeze – While I too want a healthy environment for future generations, including my grandchildren, a bag ban is not a silver bullet solution, especially when aluminum cans, paper products and glass bottles riddle the roadsides. More »

How A Bag Ban Kills Jobs and Might Make You Sick

2014-03-03Cal Watchdog – Paper, plastic or unemployment - the bag ban's unintended consequences mean bad news for private sector jobs. More »

Timothy B. Wright: The oceans face much bigger problems than plastic bags

2014-02-18Providence Journal – I completely agree with Mr. Clarendon that plastic bags, or any other solid matter such as tires, bottles, etc., do not belong in our estuaries or ocean waters. But I do think that this problem is solved not by bans on products but by proper disposal, recycling and education. More »

City left holding the bag [Letter]

2014-01-24The Baltimore Sun – The proposed 10-cent bag fee that the Baltimore City Council will vote on next week is a bad idea ("City may impose 10-cent bag fee," Jan. 22). Giving merchants a 3-cents-per-bag cut in the new revenue is an even worse idea.
More »

Restrictions On Plastic Bags Fail To Deliver Results

2014-01-22Investor’s Business Daily – Whether you spent the last month shopping for presents or stocking up on groceries, ask yourself one question: "How did I get all of those purchases home?" For the vast majority of people, the answer is plastic bags. More »

This senior puts plastic grocery bags to good use: Letters

2014-01-13The Daily Breeze – I’m all for saving whales and other marine life, but I wonder if this ban on plastic bags from the grocers is going to be the answer? More »

Bag Man

2014-01-09The Weekly Standard – Back in the 1980s I spent one afternoon working for Ralph Nader and wound up with bite marks all over my bum. The memory returned a couple nights ago when a college kid came to the door, shaking the cup for some charity. He’d memorized a spiel about dioxins and microfluids and picoliters. He must have noticed my look of dead-eyed boredom, because he stopped mid-sentence and said, “We’re responsible for the D.C. bag law.” “I hate the bag law,” I said. More »

Mailbag: Sign me up to help with bag ban petition

2014-01-03Huntington Beach Independent – It's about time.The bag ban/tax not only violates the freedoms of Huntington Beach merchants and consumers, it also takes away something that until now was included in the cost of our purchases.Without the "free" bag, we now pay the same but get less for our money, and we must also buy whatever bags we want. Not exactly what most residents need right now. More »

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Learn the Facts

  • Plastic bags are made in America; hundreds of millions of reusable bags are imported from China and other countries each year. More »
  • Plastic bags have a lower carbon footprint than paper and reusable bags. More »
  • Plastic bags take up 85 percent less space than paper bags in landfills. More »