Plastic Bag Ban Hurts California’s Economy

2014-10-13Reason Foundation – Proponents of the ban claim it will benefit the environment. But a comprehensive analysis recently undertaken by Reason Foundation, which looked at the impact of plastic bag bans on the environment, found these claims don’t stand up to scrutiny. Indeed, the ban is likely to do more harm than good both to the environment and to people’s pocketbooks.

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A Reality Check For “Environmentalists”

2014-10-13FlashReport – Immediately following Gov. Jerry Brown signing the bill by Sen. Alex Padilla to ban the use of plastic bags at grocery stores and tax paper bags, now the progressive left is whining about the plastic bag industry initiating a referendum process for a vote of the people for the November 2016 election. More »

California’s plastic bag ban promotes bad science

2014-10-10Plastics Today – Since California's passage and approval of SB 270 by the California legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown, the manufacturing community has had much to say about this bill that many see as just plain "bad science." More »

Nanny of the Week: California bans plastic bags – California became the first state in the nation to enact a statewide ban on plastic shopping bags this week, taking a concept that had been limited to nanny cities and broadening it in brand new ways. More »

Why our environmental obsession with plastic bags makes no sense

2014-10-04Vox – "If you want to use your shopping choices to benefit wildlife and the environment as a whole, the type of bag you use is far less important than what you put inside it." More »

Jim Lacy on California’s plastic bag ban [VIDEO]

2014-10-01American Conservative Union – Jim Lacy, ACU board member and author of "Taxifornia," discusses California's plastic bag ban on FOX Business' Varney and Company. More »

Why California’s Plastic-Bag Ban Won’t Help the Environment

2014-10-01National Review Online – a statement signing the ban into law, Governor Jerry Brown argued that “This bill is a step in the right direction — it reduces the torrent of plastic polluting our beaches, parks, and even the vast ocean itself. . . . We’re the first to ban these bags, and we won’t be the last.” While the governor may unfortunately prove correct in his prediction of future statewide bans to come, he’s almost certainly wrong that they in any way help the environment. More »

Gov. Brown Bans Plastic Bags, Taxes Paper, and Encourages Bacteria

2014-10-01FlashReport – The back room deal between the California Grocers Association and United Food and Commercial Workers labor union paid off; Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to ban and tax plastic and paper grocery bags… despite that all types of plastic shopping bags can be recycled into new bags.
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Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on Intent to Repeal Senate Bill 270

2014-09-30PR Newswire – The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) issued the following statement from Executive Director Lee Califf in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s decision to sign SB 270 (Padilla) into law. More »

Marketing and More: Paper, Plastic, or Profit?

2014-09-28Orange County Breeze – As an animal lover, I want to save the environment and educate people about the harm caused when plastic bags are tossed onto streets or into oceans. What I don’t want is more government intrusion and that’s what we’ll have if Governor Jerry Brown signs Senate Bill 270 – the statewide plastic bag ban. More »

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  • Plastic bag bans and taxes have an impact on more than 30,000 American families who make their living directly from plastic bag manufacturing and recycling, as well as the thousands more who are indirectly employed. More »
  • Plastic bags are made in America; hundreds of millions of reusable bags are imported from China and other countries each year. More »
  • Plastic bags are recycled into building materials such as backyard decking, fencing and playground equipment. More »