2015-02-24 – American Progressive Bag Alliance Announces Growing Coalition of Support to Overturn SB 270 More »

7-Eleven Is Charging 15 Cents for a Single-Use Plastic Bag. The Horror Continues.

2015-02-12Dallas Observer Blog – 7-Eleven, the store where bums wait outside by the Redbox to harrass you for change after you buy yourself a $1 slice of something pizza-like, is suddenly trying to act like it's all fancy. The convenience chain is charging Dallas customers a whole 15 cents if they need to carry their groceries out in a plastic bag. Under the Great Dallas Bag Ordinance of 2015, stores were supposed to charge us only 5 cents for single-use carryout bags, a charge that has caused great pain and wailing among many First World shoppers. More »

One Year Later, Santa Fe Plastic Bag Ban Is Not Working

2015-02-03Iowa Grocery Industry Association – Santa Fe’s ban on plastic bags isn’t making the city greener. Less than a year after formally implemented the ban, the City Council is now looking for a more effective solution. As recent studies have shown, instead of bringing reusable bags on their shopping trips, Santa Fe citizens have simply traded plastic for paper – nullifying the law’s sustainability objectives. More »

The science and comedy of Kirkland’s proposed bag ban

2015-01-22Kirkland Reporter – “Borderline comical.” As members of the Kirkland City council consider banning plastic grocery bags, they should keep those words in mind. More »

‘Surf City’ First in Nation to Repeal Plastic Bag Ban

2015-01-22Breitbart – On Tuesday night, on an overwhelming 6-1 vote, the city council of Huntington Beach, California–which is officially known as “Surf City, USA“–directed the city staff to begin the process of repealing a policy that bans the use of plastic grocery bags, and requires grocery stores to charge a ten-cent fee on paper bags. More »

Dallas officials fight confusion over bag ordinance

2015-01-20WFAA – We definitely hit a nerve when one of our producers posted a video on Facebook about confusion over Dallas' new ordinance on disposable bags. More »

New councilman targets H.B. plastic bag ban for repeal

2015-01-14Huntington Beach Independent – A newly elected Huntington Beach City Council member is looking to remove one of the most highly debated city ordinances of the past five years. More »

Governor-elect Abbott wants to end local ban on plastic bags

2015-01-09My FOX Austin – Governor-elect Greg Abbott won't be sworn in for another week and a half but already he's proposing sweeping changes to the way local government passes laws. More »

Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on Submission of Signatures for Referedum

2014-12-29 – The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) issued the following update from Executive Director Lee Califf on the signature gathering effort to qualify a referendum against SB 270. More »

Retailers gear up to fight plastic-bag fee

2014-11-17Crains New York – In advance of a City Council hearing Wednesday on a proposed 10-cent fee on plastic and paper shopping bags, opponents of the bill are conducting a tour Tuesday of small businesses in Brooklyn that they claim would be hurt by it. More »

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  • Studies show that taxes and bans don't keep plastic litter out of the landfill. Without plastic grocery bags, people just purchase replacement bags—often made of thicker, heavier plastic—and then send those bags to the landfill, too. More »
  • Plastic bags are recycled into building materials such as backyard decking, fencing and playground equipment. More »
  • Plastic bags provide a cleaner, safer option at the grocery store. Many reusable bags contain high levels of lead; microbiologists have found harmful bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and fecal coliform in reusable bags. More »