Baptist Ministers of Greater New York Announce Opposition to Proposed Grocery Bag Tax

2015-03-23 – the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Greater New York & Vicinity joined the growing coalition to oppose Intro 209 More »


2015-02-24 – American Progressive Bag Alliance Announces Growing Coalition of Support to Overturn SB 270 More »

7-Eleven Is Charging 15 Cents for a Single-Use Plastic Bag. The Horror Continues.

2015-02-12Dallas Observer Blog – 7-Eleven, the store where bums wait outside by the Redbox to harrass you for change after you buy yourself a $1 slice of something pizza-like, is suddenly trying to act like it's all fancy. The convenience chain is charging Dallas customers a whole 15 cents if they need to carry their groceries out in a plastic bag. Under the Great Dallas Bag Ordinance of 2015, stores were supposed to charge us only 5 cents for single-use carryout bags, a charge that has caused great pain and wailing among many First World shoppers. More »

One Year Later, Santa Fe Plastic Bag Ban Is Not Working

2015-02-03Iowa Grocery Industry Association – Santa Fe’s ban on plastic bags isn’t making the city greener. Less than a year after formally implemented the ban, the City Council is now looking for a more effective solution. As recent studies have shown, instead of bringing reusable bags on their shopping trips, Santa Fe citizens have simply traded plastic for paper – nullifying the law’s sustainability objectives. More »

The science and comedy of Kirkland’s proposed bag ban

2015-01-22Kirkland Reporter – “Borderline comical.” As members of the Kirkland City council consider banning plastic grocery bags, they should keep those words in mind. More »

‘Surf City’ First in Nation to Repeal Plastic Bag Ban

2015-01-22Breitbart – On Tuesday night, on an overwhelming 6-1 vote, the city council of Huntington Beach, California–which is officially known as “Surf City, USA“–directed the city staff to begin the process of repealing a policy that bans the use of plastic grocery bags, and requires grocery stores to charge a ten-cent fee on paper bags. More »

Dallas officials fight confusion over bag ordinance

2015-01-20WFAA – We definitely hit a nerve when one of our producers posted a video on Facebook about confusion over Dallas' new ordinance on disposable bags. More »

New councilman targets H.B. plastic bag ban for repeal

2015-01-14Huntington Beach Independent – A newly elected Huntington Beach City Council member is looking to remove one of the most highly debated city ordinances of the past five years. More »

Governor-elect Abbott wants to end local ban on plastic bags

2015-01-09My FOX Austin – Governor-elect Greg Abbott won't be sworn in for another week and a half but already he's proposing sweeping changes to the way local government passes laws. More »

Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on Submission of Signatures for Referedum

2014-12-29 – The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) issued the following update from Executive Director Lee Califf on the signature gathering effort to qualify a referendum against SB 270. More »

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  • Plastic bags are made in America; hundreds of millions of reusable bags are imported from China and other countries each year. More »
  • Plastic bags provide a cleaner, safer option at the grocery store. Many reusable bags contain high levels of lead; microbiologists have found harmful bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and fecal coliform in reusable bags. More »
  • Plastic bags are recycled into building materials such as backyard decking, fencing and playground equipment. More »