Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on California’s Assembly Vote

2014-08-28American Progressive Bag Alliance – The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) issued the following statement from Executive Director Lee Califf after the California State Assembly voted 44-29 to advance Senator Alex Padilla’s statewide plastic bag ban, SB 270, which now moves to the State Senate floor for a concurrence vote. More »

Bag Ban Worse Than an Inconvenience; Massive Hidden Tax Increase Stays in Grocery Stores’ Pockets

2014-08-27Fox & Hounds Daily – Former California State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth comes out against SB 270 in a new op-ed. More »

What Is The Secret Deal Between The Grocers And The UFCW On SB 270?

2014-08-27FlashReport – It appears there has been some back room deal-making between the United Food and Commercial Workers labor union and the California Grocers Association, over Senator Alex Padilla’s legislation, SB 270, that would put in place a ban on plastic grocery bags, and require a tax of at least ten cents on paper backs, the proceeds of the tax going into the pockets of the grocers. More »

Padilla’s Plastic Bag Ban Fails; May Face Re-Vote – Under the rules of the Assembly, Padilla has been granted the ability to have SB 270 reconsidered and brought forward for a re-vote--but that would need to happen before the end of the week, when the legislative session concludes.
More »

Activists Present Case Against California Bag Ban

2014-08-25Daily Caller – Debate could end this week on a California bill that would ban plastic bags and impose a ten-cent charge for each paper bag used, with retailers retaining the paper bag fee.
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Paper Bag Tax Proponents Admit Consumers are Already Being Charged for their Paper Bags

2014-08-24California Political Review – "The plastic bag ban... is about making government richer at our expense. It is about grocery stores getting higher profits—and the price of food goes up to pay for this phony ban." More »

Padilla’s Plastic Bag Ban Looms Before Legislature – State Bill (SB) 270, introduced by State Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) in January to ban disposable plastic check-out bags from grocery stores, may come to a vote by midnight Aug. 31, according to the Los Angeles Times. Padilla, who is also the Democratic Party's nominee for Secretary of State, had said that the millions of bags used every year “cost state and local governments at least $25 million,” amended his original version to curry favor with the grocery industry. More »

Charging for paper bags isn’t justified

2014-08-24Los Angeles Times – "There's logic missing in the battle of bags now raging in the California Legislature," writes George Skelton. More »

Deceiving California: Replacing One Plastic Bag With… Another Plastic Bag

2014-08-14FlashReport – With only three weeks left in the 2014 legislative session and hundreds of bills yet to review, we can’t expect state legislators and staff fully vet, evaluate, and get a clear understanding of every bill that comes up for a vote. This is the time of the year, when deceptive and special interest language gets inserted into bills that inevitably come to bite the consumer for years to come.
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Worse & Worser: California’s plastic bag ban bill

2014-08-13Victoria Taft – KPAM-AM radio host Victoria Taft says Senator Alex Padilla's alterations to SB 270 are getting more and more absurd. More »

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