How Much Do You Know About Plastic Bags?

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New Studies Show Plastic Bags are Best Option for the Environment

2018-03-29 – Are you using cotton grocery bags because you believe they’re better for the environment? Convinced that plastic bags are ruining the planet? Well, scientists have some interesting news – recent studies from two countries prove that plastic bags are the best option for the environment, while cotton bags are actually having a negative impact on our planet and human health. More »

Plastic Grocery Bag Ban Ignoring Many Facts

2017-06-06 – The Eagle News Online recently published a letter to the editor that shares plastic grocery bags’ many benefits and insists that bags themselves are not the problem, but littering and its enforcement are. More »

Recycling on the Rise

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Finding holes in drastic bans on plastic bags

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Are Tote Bags Really Good for the Environment?

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Bags and Crafts: Summer Edition!

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Bag Ban is Unscientific and Unsustainable

2016-07-27 – It’s no surprise that, compared to the alternatives, plastic bags are the most environmentally friendly option at the checkout — and a recent piece in The News Tribune only confirms the truth. More »