Left Coast Rules CA On Plastic Bag Ban — and Other Political Issues

2014-09-11FlashReport – If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture of the cities and counties within the state of California that have already passed plastic bag ordinances, implemented bag bans and taxes, proves one point: Most of California is being ruled by the liberal coastal regions. More »

California Says NO to Plastic Bags–NO to Freedom of Choice

2014-09-11California Political Review – Stephen Frank criticizes California's SB 270: 'Sacramento loves to nickel and dime us to death.' More »

California Says NO to Plastic Bags

2014-09-10Earth 911 – SB 270 is not the “clean” pro-environment, anti-pollution bill that many supporters would have us believe. More »

Why does California want to ban plastic bags?

2014-09-10Fox Business Network – FBN’s Charles Payne, founder Meagan Hooper, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on California’s plan to ban plastic bags. More »

Why The Grocery Bag Bill Should Be Referred

2014-09-09Fox & Hounds Daily – Gov Jerry Brown will soon sign California’s ban on single use plastic grocery bags. Nothing better represents the de-industrialization of this state; the aversion of California’s elites to the manufacture of products they don’t like even if they are a convenience provided free to consumers. This legislation should be referred because we need a debate on whether Brown and the legislature are further impoverishing California.
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Plastic Bag Ban—With Massive Tax Increase—Sits On Brown’s Desk

2014-09-03Breitbart – Of course SB 270 is hardly a simple ban on plastic grocery bags. Given the lopsided numeric advantage that Democrats have in the California legislature, one assumes that such a simple ban could have been passed. But instead, written in the legislation by its author, Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), is a significant de facto tax increase on California consumers--a regressive tax increase, at that. More »

Legislature should have heeded Brit regulators on plastic bags

2014-09-02CalWatchdog – CalWatchdog looks at how the United Kingdom's Environment Agency has assessed plastic bag bans and fees. More »

California’s Plastic Bag Ban Will Cost Hundreds Of Good Manufacturing Jobs

2014-09-02Fox & Hounds Daily – There are close to 60 plastic-bag and 100 paper-bag manufacturing establishments in California, according to the Labor Market Information Department. These companies employ 5,000 workers and provide upward mobility and livelihoods for many hard working middle class families. SB 270 threatens at least hundreds, if not thousands of these jobs at the same time the state is spending taxpayer dollars to save other jobs. More »

California’s plastic bag ban & fee heads to Gov Brown; pro choice backers react

2014-09-01Victoria Taft – Radio host Victoria Taft sounds off on SB 270 as the bill heads to Governor Jerry Brown's desk. More »

Is it legal? AG opinion may spark challenge to Austin’s bag ban

2014-08-29Austin Business Journal – An opinion issued today by the Texas Attorney General's office may be fodder for a legal challenge to Austin's 18-month-old ban on plastic and paper bags.
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  • Plastic bags are recycled into building materials such as backyard decking, fencing and playground equipment. More »
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